About Us

CRYOHD are part of the Skin Matrix group of companies started by Heather Dorigo back in 2010. Starting out as distributors almost exclusively to the Aesthetic sector with clinic grade skin care, Skin Matrix ( www.skinmatrix.co.uk) then expanded it’s product portfolio to include Cryo devices.

Servicing different sectors, CRYOHD are now the UK leaders in supplying cutting edge devices for Cryostimulation treatments in the Aesthetic, Spa & Wellness and Physiotherapy sectors.

CRYOHD is the official sole UK distributor for Metrum Cryoflex devices. Metrum Cryoflex is a medical company whose doctors and professors have over 20 years experience in supplying certified medical devices to national health services, elite sports teams, aesthetic clinics and private hospitals across the world. A local cryostimulation device, the “Cryo-T Med” along with a complementary sequential compression device, the “BOA 2 Max” are the latest devices we have introduced. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in cryostimulation, CRYOHD is now able to pass on “Cryostimulation Expertise” to the UK marketplace.

We are also proud to distribute the world’s first air cooled Liquid Nitrogen Cryopod™ – the leading whole-body cryostimulation device. Designed and Manufactured in the UK according to Medical directive standards, the Cryopod™ is leading the way in safety, performance and design. We also work with the 2 largest gas suppliers in the UK, BOC and Air Products, to make certain that the safe use of all our devices is at the heart of our service to all our customers, whether private or business.

Our educators have been trained by doctors and experts in cryostimulation devices to ensure that we support our clinics & individuals with safe and effective certified training. We always aim to offer informative and in-depth training and support so that a qualified cryotherapist can achieve the best results when performing cryostimulation treatments in complete safety. As well as training, we have a raft of information, case studies and practical know-how to support your clinic in achieving success in cryostimulation treatments and profitability.

“Cryotherapy Expertise” – we look forward to being of service.

Heather Dorigo