BOA 2 Max

The BOA 2 Max medical device is a lymphatic drainage device that utilises state-of-the-art technology to offer a gentle pneumatic technique, used to stimulate the lymphatic system. A series of rhythmical strokes using a very light or high pressure is applied over the body to stimulate the lymphatic system and aid in the flow of lymph through the system. The massage technique can be used as a whole body massage (jackets and pants) or only on a certain area depending on the needs of the individual client.

Lower body sequential, pneumatic massage lasts between 35-45 minutes. The massage is a very different experience from a traditional relaxation or remedial massage, it is often considered very relaxing and soothing.

BOA devices are built using high quality and very effective Japanese pumps allowing the chambers to quickly regain predefined pressure and to utilise a pulsating massage option. Using the BOA 2 Max massager, the patient will always receive a consistent and effective massage. The numerous variables that the device offers, allow the operator to tailor the treatment to each individual’s needs.

The options include pressure, gradient, cycles number, massage tempo and pulsating massage. The device always shows a constant measurement of the pressure in the currently inflated section of the compression sleeve, and the operator can always use the emergency pressure release in the case of any discomfort being reported by the patient.

The devices are equipped with a microprocessor controller. At any time the microprocessor software can be upgraded to ensure it is up-to-date with current knowledge. This feature protects the device against premature functional ageing.

The BOA series are used in medical clinics, hospitals and private home care with more than 20 years of experience. BOA devices are designed using the basic principles of manual body massage (according to the technique invented by Dutch physician Emil Vodder). It has also been tested and trialled by cooperating doctors and physiotherapists.

Pressure Sleeves

BOA massagers are equipped with top-quality compression sleeves with overlapping chambers. The device model options include 12-chamber pressure sleeves for full legs and arms or the special 24-chamber pants (for both legs with gluteal and abdomen belt). There are also the 24-chamber jackets for slimming massages and cellulite treatments. The sleeve diameter can be increased using the appropriate zips.

WARNING: Be cautious of other companies selling Metrum Cryoflex equipment in the UK. CRYOHD does not have any “sales agents” or outside representatives and we are the ONLY company certified by Metrum Cryoflex. If not supplied via CRYOHD then your warranty will be invalid.

– An overlapping system of 24 chambers, which maintain the pressure to produce longer lasting effects

– Treatment parameters can be assigned to each patient individually

– Pressure regulation (in each sleeve’s chamber), tempo and cycle number in any algorithms

– Works with one or two pressure sleeves

– Predefined massage algorithms

– Continuous pressure measurement in each sleeve’s chamber

– Indicator of time left till the end of treatment

– Emergency pressure drain off function

– Pressure range from 20 mmHg up to 140 mmHg

– LCD colour display screen

– Possibility of startup screen change (i.e. with company logo)

– 2 Year Full Manufacturers Warranty

– Full CE Marking, Medically Certified Device IIb, ISO 13485 Certification

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Using The Vodder Technique

Lymphatic drainage according to the technique invented by Dutch physician Emil Vodder consists of sequential compression (in accordance with blood and lymph circulation physiology) of selected body parts: the limbs, abdomen and buttocks.

The BOA 2 Max device with 24 chamber sleeves is the only device in the world that offers the Vodder massage. Other devices on the market offer solely pneumatic massage without proper lymphatic drainage.

The procedure using the BOA 2 Max device can intensify the effects of other therapies for weight reduction such as detoxifying diets, lipolysis and ultra sound cavitation.


– After sport

– Those that work long hours on their feet or work in labour job roles.

– Those with circulation problems or poor venous systems such as having varicose veins.

– The lymphatic system.

– Post surgery.


– Chronic oedema.

– Oedemas of upper limbs, chest and back after mastectomy.

– Rehabilitation after injuries and contusions.

– Treatment of lymphatic failure – Lymphoedema.

– Treatment of venous insufficiency.

– Prophylaxis of Phlebothrombosis.

– Various etiology oedemas of lower limbs.

– Slimming massage and treatments of cellulitis.

– PDT prevention and elimination.

Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetics and Wellness

– Avoiding and preventing the development of cellulite.

– Stopping the accumulation of cellulite and water retention.

– Prevention and elimination of the first stage of varicose veins.

– Slimming and cellulite.

– Shaping legs, abdomen, buttocks and arms.

– Strengthening and toning loose skin (as a result of pregnancy or obesity).

– Immediate relief for tired and “heavy legs”.

– Speeds up the recovery of skin after liposuction, laser lipolysis and cavitation.

Metrum Cryoflex is a well-established (since 1992) European manufacturer of highly specialized medical devices for laser medicine, Cryosurgery, Cryotherapy, Cryostimulation, compression therapy and Ozone therapy. Their first products were launched onto the market in 1992: Cryosurgical devices – Cryo-S series.

Engineers from Metrum’s R&D department are passionate people focused on constant development and setting new standards in medical technology.

Currently over 7,000 private clinics are using Metrum Cryoflex devices worldwide in 45 different countries.

Devices manufactured by Metrum Cryoflex meet the requirements of the European Medical Directive MDD/93/42/EEC and are CE-marked by TUV

Metrum Cryoflex’s Official Sole UK Distributor is CRYOHD Ltd