Cryo-T Duo

The Cryo-T Duo is a Local Cryostimulation device that allows easy and safe administration of the cooling medium carbon dioxide (CO2 liquefied gas). It does not require liquid nitrogen (LN2) and achieves temperatures of -80°C. Unique to other cooling mediums, carbon dioxide has a two-fold effect on the human organism. The extreme cold carbon dioxide vapour has penetrating effects in the treatment area during procedures, as well as triggering Cryostimulation in the localised area. This ensures effective results in deeper tissues.

Carbon dioxide vapour allows the safe and precise cooling of tissues, which is achieved by moving the treatment nozzle closely along the skin at the lowest possible temperature (-80°C). Cryostimulation using carbon dioxide vapour is a safe application method for patients with cardiological problems.

The Cryo-T Duo’s is specialized for use in rehabilitation and physiotherapy settings. Two replaceable nozzles allow precise cooling of selected muscles or joints thus ensuring very economic utilisation of CO2.

WARNING: Be cautious of other companies selling Metrum Cryoflex equipment in the UK. CRYOHD does not have any “sales agents” or outside representatives and we are the ONLY company certified by Metrum Cryoflex. If not supplied via CRYOHD then your warranty will be invalid.

– 45 to 120 minutes of continuous work with one 10 litre capacity gas cylinder (depending on nozzle size)

– 4 nozzle size options allow for precise and effective Cryostimulation effects on specific areas

– Fast and easy gas cylinder replacement (siphon type gas cylinder)

– Safe working environment (using CO2)

– No gas losses regardless of storage period

– CO2 (Liquid) gas is widely available in medical and technical gas types

– Certified Medical Standard Training

– 2 Year Full Manufacturers Warranty

– Full CE Marking, Medically Certified Device IIa, ISO 13485 Certification

The application of carbon dioxide vapour in Cryotherapeutic procedures ensures the following benefits:

– Pain relief due to the release of large amounts of hormones and anti-inflammatory proteins

– Reduced inflammation

– Reduced muscle tension

– Reduced oedema

– Improvement of patient’s clinical & functional condition due to increased mobility & muscle strength

– Intensifies the healing processes for faster injury and wound recovery

– Relieves the effects of thermal shock and speeds up the rates of healing from burns.

– Improves scalp nutrition and treats scalp conditions including seborrhoea, dandruff and itchy scalp

Metrum Cryoflex is a well-established (since 1992) European manufacturer of highly specialized medical devices for laser medicine, Cryosurgery, Cryotherapy, Cryostimulation, compression therapy and Ozone therapy. Their first products were launched onto the market in 1992: Cryosurgical devices – Cryo-S series.

Engineers from Metrum’s R&D department are passionate people focused on constant development and setting new standards in medical technology.

Currently over 7,000 private clinics are using Metrum Cryoflex devices worldwide in 45 different countries.

Devices manufactured by Metrum Cryoflex meet the requirements of the European Medical Directive MDD/93/42/EEC and are CE-marked by TUV

Metrum Cryoflex’s Official Sole UK Distributor is CRYOHD Ltd