Cryo-T Med

The Cryo-T Med is a medical Local Cryostimulation device that uses liquid nitrogen (LN₂) to trigger Cryostimulation through the application of extreme cold vapour onto the skin (approximately -150°C). The device is equipped with an IR temperature sensor which enables reliable and safe performance.

The Cryo-T Med is the first liquid nitrogen device in the world with a laser sensor placed inside the application nozzle for remote measurement of the patient’s skin temperature. This Sensor informs the clinician conducting the procedure when the optimum and safe skin temperature has been reached to achieve Cryostimulation.

It is important to know that other cooling devices on the market may cause considerable slowdown in metabolic activity of the tissues by prolonged and slow cooling, which is the exact opposite of Cryostimulation using nitrogen vapour.

The device is available in two dewar vessel capacities (35 or 60 litres) and also includes hand-piece cross hair distance control allowing inexperienced users to maintain the optimal distance from the skin. Metrum Cryoflex have developed innovative construction of the cryogenic pipe that ensures full freedom of the nozzle movement giving the therapist unprecedented comfort of work. The High-class insulation material used in the cryogenic pipe prevents the pipe from freezing and stiffening during work.

The device has full CE marking, is graded a Medical Device IIa and has ISO 13485 certification.

– State-of-the-art Local Cryostimulation Device

– Safe, Effective and Medically Certified Device using Liquid Nitrogen

– Hand Piece with Temperature Skin Feedback

– HandPiece with Laser Cross-hairs for optimal distance

– Electronic measurement of LN2 Consumption

– Patented Space Technology Cryogenic Pipe – the lightest in the World

– Touchscreen 5.7″ Colour LCD TFT Display

– Certified Medical Standard Training

– 2 Year Full Manufacturers Warranty

– Full CE Marking, Medically Certified Device IIa, ISO 13485 Certification

Allows any Physiotherapist/Medical Practitioner to:

Use Advanced Technology In Routine Practice At an Affordable Price

REDUCE Treatment Times

SPEED UP Healing & Recovery Rates

LOWER Manual Massage Treatments

PROVIDE Natural Pain Relief

“Within a Treatment that is Natural and Healthy for the Body”

Allows any Therapist to:

Use Advanced Technology In Routine Practice At an Affordable Price

CRYOFACIALS Trigger Collagen Production

IMPROVE Vascular efficiency and Patient Wellbeing

TREAT Skin Conditions and Tissue Trauma

CRYOSHAPING Slimming/Cellulite Reduction

HAIR STIMULATION Improve Scalp Nutrition

PROVIDE Natural Pain Relief  for any Treatment

“Within a Treatment that is Non-Invasive and Healthy for the Body”

Metrum Cryoflex is a well-established (since 1992) European manufacturer of highly specialized medical devices for laser medicine, Cryosurgery, Cryotherapy, Cryostimulation, compression therapy and Ozone therapy. Their first products were launched onto the market in 1992: Cryosurgical devices – Cryo-S series.

Engineers from Metrum’s R&D department are passionate people focused on constant development and setting new standards in medical technology.

Currently over 7,000 private clinics are using Metrum Cryoflex devices worldwide in 45 different countries.

Devices manufactured by Metrum Cryoflex meet the requirements of the European Medical Directive MDD/93/42/EEC and are CE-marked by TUV

Metrum Cryoflex’s UK Distributor is CRYOHD Ltd