JUKA Cryosauna

The JUKA Cryosauna is a single person cryogenic chamber used for individual treatments of systemic cryotherapy.

During the treatment the temperature is regulated by the trained operator within the range from −140°C to −160°C . The time may also be changed form 30 seconds up to 3 minutes. The Cryosauna is equipped with an elevated floor, so the person who is inside is submerged in the “cryobath” up to his/her shoulders – the head is held outside of the effective treatment area of low temperature, thus the user breathes the air from the main room. Such a solution helps also people suffering from claustrophobia.

It also provides direct contact with the patients throughout the treatment, which improves their sense of safety. The cabin of the Cryosauna is fit out with pivoting door, which can be opened at all times using minimal strength again reassuring patients of their absolute safety. The Cryosauna has an airing system which expels the gas used in the cabin-cooling process simultaneously ventilating the main room. The interior of the cabin is oval and heterogenous making the temperature inside to be spread out evenly.

Easy Operation

Fast Freezing Time

Low Gas Consumption

Temperature Regulation

Advanced Safety Features

Open Top

Low Space Requirements

Quick Reimbursement


It is recommended to place the cryosauna in a separate room. The room should:

– be not smaller than 10m2 and should be of a height not less than 2.5m;

– the door to the room should be not narrower than 80 cm;

– have efficient mechanical ventilation with not less than 5–6 room volume air changes per hour;

– have two 125–130 mm diameter openings from the room to the outside /the cryosauna will be connected with them by flexible ducts (type FLEX); one common opening with 160 mm diameter is also possible;

– have one opening with 100 mm diameter to conduct cryogenic installation connecting cryogenic gas container with cryosauna;

– be equipped with a reliable oxygen concentration analyser /oxygen detector/ informing when the oxygen concentration in the room falls below 19%; the delivery of cryosauna does not include the oxygen detector (it can be ordered through CRYOHD)