Kaasen is the world’s smallest and most technically advanced Cryostimulation device for Healthcare professionals which has been designed in the UK.

Kaasen has been designed to cause True Cryostimulation (TCS) and it is also the first device in the world that can offer cooling and Cryostimulation treatments through interchangeable nozzle attachments.

The Kaasen uses the medium of carbon dioxide vapour at -78°C combined with a pressure output of 50 bar / 5 MPa. CO2 has a dual action and works as a cooling agent during the early stages of the procedure and a biochemical agent during the latter stages of the treatment. The extreme cold can penetrate deep down into the tissues due to stimulating the dilation of blood vessels through thermal shock caused by cold temperatures and high pressure levels in the stream.

The Kaasen features include a temperature gauge, treatment timer, gas level indicator, a rechargeable battery for wireless treatment, dual skin temperatures sensors and an automatic shut off mechanism when the treatment is complete or the stream goes within the recommended safe treatment distance from the skin.

The receptors underneath the skin are stimulated and respond with a combination of physiological reactions:

๏ Natural Analgesic effect.

๏ Anti-Inflammatory effect – Vasomotor Reaction.

๏ Myorelaxant effect.

Dual treatment indicators.

LED lights illuminate when thermic shock has been reached.

Dual skin temperature sensors.

Advanced proximity sensors (5cm away from the skin).

Automatic shut off mechanism (After 30 seconds of treatment and if the operator moves within 5cm of the patient’s skin).

Interchangeable nozzle attachments.

Small, lightweight and portable

Rechargeable battery.

Built in treatment protocols.

Battery charge indicator.

Ergonomically designed pressure grip.

Low maintenance.

CE approved.

Reduction of pain, treats pain syndromes and neuralgias

Reduction of spasm

Reduced muscle tension

Improvement of joint function

Reduction of post traumatic treatments

Overall quicker return to training

Decreased localised muscle fatigue

Stress related conditions

Improves circulation

Effective during post operative rehabilitation stages

Decreases inflammation, bruising and swellings (during reconstructive phase)

Muscle and ligament strains

Tendon injuries (detachment, distortion, extension of tendons, tendinosis, tendinopathy)

It is completely natural and healthy for the body


1 x Kaasen Device

1 x Device Stand

5 x Nozzle Attachments

1 x Battery Charger

1 x 2m Hose

1 x Carry Case

1 x Ergonomic Hand Grip

Certificated Half Day training for up to 4 therapists

UK Delivery

1 Year Full Manufacturers Warranty

The Kaasen is suitable for all Healthcare professionals, some examples of which are:



Physical Therapists


Massage Therapists